Come and See

Local leadership: Deanery and Parish

Each deanery is asked to begin planning the weekend of services, events and activities. This might be either through the Deanery Leadership Team or a specially formed Deanery Come and See Planning Team. Just like the Deanery Missions, some of these events will be in each local church; others might be deanery-wide. Each Bishop is bringing a team of 3-5 people, providing the opportunity for a range of activities to be happening at the same time: visits to schools, children and youth events, breakfasts, quizzes, morning coffees, music evenings and Sunday morning services each with testimony and Good News… whatever works best for you and those you invite.
Each parish is invited to form its own Come and See Planning Team which will work alongside the Deanery Team (it might be the PCC). Each parish is encouraged to host its own Come and See activities during the weekend, making use of the Bishops and their Teams. You might also invite other churches in your area to be involved.

  • Think and pray about what went really well during the Deanery Mission:
  • could you do this again? could you do something different too?
  • think about what you have in the church diary – how might you tweak it and give it an outreach focus?
  • whom might you invite – family, friends, neighbours, all your church contacts?