Come and See


You can use the Come and See logo on your publicity for services and events taking place across the mission weekend. We’ve put together a few different versions of the logo to suit different applications.

All of the logos below are transparent PNG files. If you need any help using the logos or would like then in an alternative format, please get in touch with us.

Colour (Black and Red)

Colour (White and Red)




R73 G21 B34 / C46 M87 Y64 K64 / HEX #491522
R102 G28 B44 / C37 M92 Y67 K48 / HEX #661c2c
R132 G35 B53 / C31 M95 Y70 K32 / HEX #842335
R163 G41 B59 / C25 M96 Y74 K17 / HEX #a3293b
R187 G46 B62 / C19 M95 Y76 K8 / HEX #bb2e3e