Come and See
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When Billy Graham was asked to name the three most important things about a mission, he did not include preaching, nor the use of a big venue or big numbers attending. The first thing he singled out was prayer, the second… prayer; and the third… prayer.

Prayer is essential in preparing for mission: we are dependent on God who gives growth. A mission will not bring people to faith unless Christians are actively praying for and making friends with people outside the household of faith. You might like to use the Thy Kingdom Come prayer resources to help you.

Prayer Diary

Praying for the Come and See mission in March 2020 is foundational. We’re grateful to Sister Heather Francis OHP for writing us a Come and See Prayer Leaflet. She will be producing a monthly Prayer Leaflet from now until the Come and See weekend, which you can download here when they become available.

There is also a short service for you to use on your own or with 2 or 3 others along with Bible readings and prayer topics for each week.

March Lent 1 (1st) to Lent 3 (15th)Download
February Candlemas (2nd) to Next before Lent (23rd)Download
January Epiphany (5th) to Epiphany 3 (26th)Download
December Advent 1 (1st) to Advent 4 (22nd) Download
November All Saints Day (3rd) to St Andrew’s Eve (30th)Download

Please join in the wave of prayer for Come and See – in your church, in your home, with your friends.

Come and See Prayer

The Archbishop invites us to use his Pilgrimage Prayer as our prayer for Come and See:

Father in Heaven,
mould me into Christlikeness;
and stir up in me,
the fire of your love.

Holy Spirit,
fill me with your power;
and help me to tell
of the love and salvation
in Jesus of Nazareth.

Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of the Father,
renew my friendship in you;
and help me to serve you
with a quiet mind
and a burning spirit.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
please keep me
in the joy, simplicity, and compassion
of your holy Gospel. Amen.

© John Sentamu 2015